Choose Hope!

ch“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord
and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.. –  Jeremiah 17:7 NLT

What to you think of when you here the word “economy?”  As of late that word is usually prefaced by “in this” so put it together and your have “in this economy.”

The media is not using these three words in positive way.  These words are usually in the same topic matter as foreclosure, unemployment rate, stock market is down, and the like.

When you hear these words, if you are like most people, you probably get a little scared.  You are most likely feeling some uncertainty and fear.

All this negative media talk creates fear in most, fear causes people to make knee jerk decisions that many times would never be made with a calm positive attitude and after much research.

On April 23 of this year Dave Ramsey presented the Town Hall For Hope, it was a  live even that originally thought would be aired in around 500 venues around the country.  Well, the American people are so disparate to hear something positive, to hear a word of hope that over 6000 venues signed up to air this even.  Over a million people attended in person.  Response was so overwhelming, that Fox Business Network decided to air the event live.  They didn’t just air the actual town hall, they aird an one hour pre-show as well as a 30-minute post show.  That is 3 hours that Fox Business gave to this event.

On top of that Fox Business Network is re-airing all three hours on April 25 and again on April 26.  Now, for a large network like Fox to take 9 total hours out of their normal programming to air a special event like this you know if must be hitting a topic matter that  American’s  want to hear.

Why?  Why is this so popular?  It is a sign that we, you and me, are tired of the doom and gloom.  It is a sign that we want hope and need to hear something speak this hope and most importantly remind us that our hope is NOT in the government but in our Lord Jesus.

This economey can be turned around by you and me.  I can be turned around by focusing on Christ, by doing the right thing which is spending if we have the means.   We can return hope to ourselves by giving to others, if not financially, then by giving of our time.

It is time we took back our country.  Take action and know who your Senators and House of Representatives are.  Know how they are voting and if it is not how you agree, or acting in a way that you expeceted them to act when you voted for them, then contact them.  If their voting record doesn’t change, take action and vote them out next term.

Whining provokes fear, prayer, faith and action creates hope.

Take back your country, choose hope!