A Godly Man

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  2 Timothy 4:7

The co-founder of Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Bob Steinkamp passed away Monday, December 27.  He had been fighting cancer and other medical issues until he could fight no more.   

Even though I never personally met Bob, I did correspond with him a few times in email, and after reading his posts each Tuesday I felt as though I knew him personally.

Bob lived a life that was an open book.  He shared all of himself and hid nothing.  I respected him for that.  A man who can share with the world, and I do mean the world, all his strengths as well as all his weaknesses and faults, is truly a man who has made his peace with God.  He shared how badly he treated his wife Charlyne.  How he had cheated on her, more than once until one day Charlyne had enough and divorced him.  From that moment he thought he was free to live life anyway he wanted, and he did.

Some months after the divorce, Charlyne felt God telling her, divorce was not in HIS plan.  She began to pray for Bob earnestly.  She forgave him for all he had done.  Bob started to realize his life of  “freedom” wasn’t feeling so free.  It took him a couple of years but he returned to Charlyne,  they remarried and started Rejoice Marriage Ministries, to help others who were in a hurting and/or broken marriage.

From that moment forward, Bob was an open book.  He shared his story so others would be encouraged that prodigal spouses do come home.  He shared this certainly not because he was proud of his former actions, but more because of the salvation he received through Jesus Christ.  When Bob passed he was not the same man from over two decades ago.  He was a changed man through Christ and he lived his life as such.  Sharing the word of God from his heart and experiences.

Bob is asleep now, he died a man filled with Christ.  I will miss him and I pray for his family, especially Charlyne.  May they feel the comfort of Gods arms as He holds and cradles them during this time.