Hi, I’m Kim. A Christian. Someone who has made mistakes and continues to make mistakes while learning and growing both professionally and personally in my walk with Jesus Christ.

My belief is that mistakes help you grow, learn and succeed!  Learning is an endless process. Anyone can be successful if they are willing to work toward improvement, are honest and focused on the right things. I firmly believe in the following statement:

Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.

In 1992, I was tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and had nothing to show for it. I was making good money and was shocked when the bank told me my debt to income ratio was to high to buy my first home. At that moment I decided to start living below my means, pay off all my debt and live on a cash only basis, like I was taught to do while growing up.

In 1999 I was introduced to Dave Ramsey and even though I was raised to not be in debt, yep one of those life mistakes I learn from, he provided a great reminder about living a debt free life. At that time I still had a car loan and a few thousand dollars credit card debt and a mortgage which I cleared up in six months. Today I am living in total financial freedom…I am 100% debt free.

From my own incredible and difficult journey of becoming debt free, I had a desire to help others become debt free.  I invested in training at the Lampo Group with Dave Ramsey and became a certified money management coach.

New Company

In 2006 I founded Tranquility Financial Visioning, LLC to coach, teach and mentor others on how to become debt free, increase their income, improve their careers, build their businesses and most importantly all with proper balance in work, life, and Christ. Although I am no longer doing coaching on a full time basis, I do enjoy assisting others through this blog and other support/mentoring forums.

Through the years I have become very familiar and well versed in life as a whole and have learned that money has an impact on all aspects of life, from jobs to relationships, family, and the balance of them all. The Striving To Do Life Better blog is a natural extension of TFV of the importance of properly balancing work, life, family relationships and insuring Christ is at the center of it all.  In additional I also own and write on the blog, Life and Finances which covers a wide range of money and life improvement topics. I believe we are have things to share and help others with in life, that we are all a coach to someone, that is why this site exists to coach and mentor to those who are looking to succeed in ALL areas of life.

So many deserve credit:

  • In the financial realm, I credit Dave Ramsey for his large arena of information that is used and referenced in some of my posts, from his website, radio show and of course the training I received from him and his team and thank him for allowing me to share that information in addition to my own life and coaching experiences.
  • In the career and business development realm, as an Endorsed 48-Days Coach, many thanks goes to Dan Miller for his support and education for a full and complete balanced life.
  • In day to day life realm, I am a certified professional life coach through Fowler & Wainwright.
  • In the realm of life experiences I credit so many who have touch me, especially my parents who taught me to always lean on Christ and look to HIM for all guidance, to my friends, employer of almost 23 years, my ex-husband, as well as my training with Fowler Wainwright where I earned a certification as a professional life coach.

All of these sources and more help me express, coach and mentor through example on how to become a better person and improve relationships.  However, my most important influence and focus is Jesus Christ.  I strive every day to represent Him in His Glory and thank Him for my success.

Dealing with life experiences is something we all go through and living in financial freedom is a feeling that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, a freedom that is far reaching from just the financial side. I am here to help those searching for that freedom with as much accurate honest information as I can provide.

With HIS help,