Derailed But Not Wrecked

Life is unpredictable.  You think you have things planned out and next thing you know you are blind sided with something that totally derails all the plans you had made.  Being derailed for a season doesn’t mean you are wrecked for life.

Regardless of what derails your plans, whether it be divorce, job loss, or a death in the family, you can continue on with your life.  You may have different plans, you may be going down a totally different path but you can continue. Yes, for a season you will be off track, at a loss but I can assure you once that seas0n passes a new season is ready to bloom.

This does not mean that life will go on as it did before, it won’t.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t miss the life you had before, you will, however you must go on.  Remember, you were just derailed not totally wrecked.

So once the clouds of your dark season clear, and a new season begins to bloom, take a look at your old plans.  Dust them off and make a new path toward your future.   It could be as you have grown through your dark season you realize you no longer have the desire to pursue your old plans but you have new plans, new goals.  That is great, healthy and normal.

Whatever the case may be, whether it is focusing on your old plans or make new ones…move forward.   Through my own life changing event, I do still pray that things will resolve and reconcile, that does not mean I am sitting stagnant, that would not be healthy.

I encourage you to pick yourself up once you see the clouds beginning to clear, pray to God for guidance and begin to move forward.  This doesn’t mean you forget your past, it just means you build your future from the lessons of your past.

Let God be your guide, your companion and your friend through it all.