Losing Someone You Love

What happens when you lose someone you love at Christmas?

This is a question I am now dealing with.  I lost my uncle to cancer this weekend.  It wasn’t a surprise, he had been fighting for a year or so, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  My prayers go out to my aunt & cousins who lost their husband and dad.  They go out to my mom, my other uncle and aunts who lost their brother.  I too am sad, I will miss my uncle, I loved him very much.

It is a reminder to me of how precious life is and yet how fragile it is.  It makes me consider how we treat each other during life.

Cancer is not a choice.  Death from that terrible disease is not a choice.   Nobody wakes up one day and says, I am unhappy, I think I will get cancer and die, leaving the people who love me.  So why it is, those who are healthy do this to their spouses and families each and every day of the year by choice?

Why is it those who are healthy take life for granted?   They walk away from their commitments, covenants, and obligations without consideration of the life long consequences.  Never considering that there are those dying of a disease who would give anything for another year, month, week, or even a day with their spouse and family.

Why is it healthy people disregard and under appreciate their own life and health.  Not appreciating what they have, instead only thinking about “how terrible they have it” or “how unhappy they are.”

If more of us, myself included, appreciated the health we have, the family we have and treated and cherished that health and family with the utmost value and respect this world would be a better place.  Divorces wouldn’t be “the thing to do” but rather the oddity.  Families wouldn’t have times of silence but would work through their difficulties.   If we all valued the life we have, the life we have would be so much better.

This upcoming weekend is Christmas.  Some will enjoy the time with family and friends, loving every minute, building relationships and making memories for a lifetime.  Others however will be dreading the time with family, or  grieving the loss of their loved ones either from choice or death.

During this weekend.  Please reflect of your life, make your wrongs right.  Take inventory of your life and decide what is really important.  Ask yourself if what you have now in health is what you would want during a sickness with death looming.

Let this Christmas be your time to improve your life forever.  Treasure each and every day like it was your last, because really you never know if it is or isn’t.  Don’t take life or this Christmas for granted.  Pray for your loved ones and pray for those around you, they may look happy but may be very sad inside.

May God Bless you this Christmas