Loyalty vs Disloyalty

Loyalty  – Dictionary.com defines loyalty as “the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.  Faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc. An example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like…”

How many people around you can you tag as being loyal?  Can you look in the mirror at yourself and honestly say “I am a loyal friend, spouse, worker, Christian”? From my experience, sadly, I have met very few truly loyal individuals.  Oh, they may appear to be loyal for a period of time…but, time tells all and their true colors come out, their charade of loyalty comes clear of their disloyalty.   There is one individual who when I question them about their loyalty the answer I received was “that is how I ‘felt’ at the time”.   Loyalty is not a feeling, it is a character trait.

I have always been the type of person that gives the benefit of the doubt. Everyone makes mistakes and deserve a second, third, fourth, fifth chance.  I look for the good in people, but am often disappointed by the fact the for the most part people are not loyal.  It is troubling when I finally have to realize that the definition of loyalty is not the same for them as it may be for me.  Some people  are not loyal to their spouse, job, much less their relationship with Christ regardless of what they verbally express.

It is true I expect a lot of others, but is that so bad?  Should I or you accept disloyalty from others as the norm rather than the exception?  The one thing that allows individuals to continue on with their actions of disloyalty is those of us who accept it over and over and over again.  Accepting disloyal behavior is not healthy for them and especially not healthy for you.

Let me be clear, the purpose of this post is to hopefully get you to look at yourself, to determine if you are a loyal person, someone who can be depended on.  Sure we all have let someone down in our lives but there is a big difference in letting someone down vs being disloyal to someone on a continual basis.  We live in an imperfect world and we, as humans, will disappoint someone at some time in our lives.  But is that a pattern in your life or the exception?  If it is a pattern for you, if you continually disappoint people, lie, not follow through on your commitments then I would define you as disloyal and an unsafe person for me to be around.

Why do I bring this all up today?  The recall election in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker last evening.  Now let me preface this by saying this is not a political post, I don’t live in Wisconsin all I know is that Scott Walker went into office with a stated platform, he followed that platform and was loyal to that platform regardless of being vilified for the last many months.  This is a man who regardless of the tough times, of the potential of losing his job as governor he did not back down, he was loyal to the office and his platform.  The people spoke by voting him in…again…based on this loyalty something that is hard to find in most individuals much less a politician.

Imagine if all politicians held to their stated platform, how would this country be?  Imagine if spouses were loyal to their marriage vows, how different would the family unit be and how would that make a change to how this country be? Imagine if Christians were loyal to Christ how different would this country be?

Instead of imaging all these things, I challenge you  to be loyal to your beliefs.  I challenge you to take a step back from those around you who are not loyal to their beliefs, make a statement to them that you will not tolerate their disloyalty.  This is not to say you will never allow them in to your world again, but make it clear it will not be until their actions match their words.  If we all held firm to our beliefs instead of caving to the disloyalty of others due to “political correctness” this world would be a better place.  Also take a look at the loyalty of others….their loyalty may not match your loyalties, that is ok….then you make a choice of whether this person should be someone you want to be around.  Some may be very loyal to their beliefs, but that doesn’t mean their beliefs match your beliefs…that does not make them disloyal, just someone who doesn’t agree with you…two different things.

Stand up for your own loyalty of your own beliefs, do not coward down when times get tough…make a stand….be loyal to yourself and your beliefs because without doing so, you too are being disloyal…..to yourself.