Have you ever considered the meaning of the word “loyalty?”  Dictionary.com defines loyalty in part as faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Most of you reading this have at least one good friend.  Someone who is loyal to you.  Many of you have a spouse whom you consider to be loyal.  There are some who consider their family the most loyal.  There are others of you who do not have one person in your life whom they consider to be loyal.

Many counselors and psychologists say each of us should have at least five individuals in our life that we are in close relationship with.  People who are loyal to us and that we are loyal to.  Be it a friends, family, spouse.  The professionals say five because at any given time in your life, if you find that you are in need of help and/or support, chances are one out of the five would be available to assist you.

As much as five seems to be a good magic number for a network of loyal friends, it also seems that most of you reading this may only have one or two people in your support network.  Why is that?

This world is full of people, full of ways to connect with others.  Cell phones, social networking, and the like but not many of you reading this have five individuals who you could reach out to in a time of need.

We all have a lot of acquaintances in our life but not many loyal friends we can count on.  This could because you have been hurt so much you figure it is easier to go it alone, that the only person you can count on is yourself.  Others have lost their special someone’s due to death.

This week ask yourself who you are loyal too.  So many times you may focus on who is loyal to you , who your friends are.  This week I want you to ask yourself, who are you friends with.  Who in your life would consider you to be loyal to them?

Are you a loyal friend?  Can you be trusted?  Are you faithful to your commitments?