One Pink Rose

Have you ever felt like you were alone in your beliefs.  That you are surrounded by weeds, old leaves maybe even a few blades of grass and here you are the one splash color as far as you can see?

Regardless of the belief, be it how you parent your child, how, when or who you worship, working for someone or being an entrepreneur, or standing on your moral principles, do you ever feel like you are out there all alone?  I know I have.

The other day when I was out for a walk I saw this miniature pink rose.  It was in an area that was probably just shy of a half an acre in size.  There was nothing else around except green weeds, some old leaves, a few blades of grass.  An otherwise blah peace of land with an ever so small splash of color.  An example of beauty.  This rose could have been easily over grown with the weeds around it..but it was strong and some how grew in a place it didn’t seem to belong.

It made me think that regardless of your belief system, be strong, stand alone in your beliefs and convictions.  Don’t be like everyone else, instead be the example for everyone else.

Be a small splash of color, stand out and set an example that shines your beauty.