Positive Mental Attitude Part 2

I mentioned yesterday that I had read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine about having a positive attitude. I want to continue on with that positive thought.

Positive thought does not come natural for most people especially in our negative world. Many times we have to work at having positive thoughts we must practice positive thinking daily.

The iron man is a marathon event that includes three competitions, a 2.4 mile swim, biking 112 miles, and a 26.2 mile run. The people that participate in this race practice and train daily, that is the only way that can build the strength and stamina to finish the race. Their persistence in doing so produces results and even miracles.

Positive thought is no different, it is a skill you have to develop. All your accomplishments so far you acquired through hard work and training.

Define where your mind needs discipline, and set up a regimen to train and practice positive thinking. Gain clarity and strength by observing what helps you maintain a positive mind-set, and do more of it. Whether it’s completing a sudoku puzzle, fixing a car, working out or even helping someone else with a problem, your self-confidence will improve, and the path to accomplishing your goals will be illuminated.