Rebuilding A Marriage TV vs. Reality

Recently I was watching a TV show where a marriage of 20 years was broken when the wife, Denise, had an affair.  The husband, Frank, was hurt.  His trust was violated and he stated the marriage was over and both Denise and Frank met with their lawyers.

Denise’s lawyer twisted her words to make it out that Frank was a worse husband than he really was.  Franks lawyer made Denise out to be worse than she was.  Both Denise and Frank began defending each other to their respective lawyers.  Each decided to cut out the lawyers and go to a mediator.  They were able to sit down together and discuss how the property and possessions would be separated.   The mediator drew up the papers and stated the divorce would be final within 30-45 days of submission to the court.

That same week, both Denise and Frank attended a Christian baby dedication where the minister spoke of the importance of commitments, this made Frank think.  After the ceremony Frank told Denise he still loved her and Denise said the same thing back to Frank.  They stopped the divorce process.

I realize this was all played out in a TV drama and I wonder, why is it this same thing can’t be played out in reality?  Relationships break every day.  Some are broken forever.  Others however, are rebuilt.  Through time, talk, honesty, openness, commitment and Christ they are rebuilt.

I pray that if you are living in a broken relationship that you will use this small TV example and make your own reality out of  it.

Marriage is worth working on and rebuilding!