‘Single Creek’ A Documentary Not Just For Singles

Are you single?  Divorced?  Widowed?    Maybe single or divorced by choice.  You may want to be in a relationship but are not and certainly if you have lost your spouse to death you experienced an unplanned life long hurt.

Regardless of your situation Single Creek is a thought provoking and inspirational film. Produced by an old classmate of mine, Chris Lang, it is an open discussion by individuals who are living a single life for various reasons.

Forty-five percent of us are single.  However, with that number, there are very few films that are focused on singles of any kind much less Christian singles.  I thank Chris for stepping out and producing a film that focuses on singles.  The approach of the documentary is relaxed and offers several different perspectives on being single, one is sure to touch you.

So many times singles are looked at as “broken” in some way.   Personally, I didn’t get married until I was 35.  I enjoyed married life and was committed to it for life, but it takes two to have that commitment and after almost nine years I found myself single again, this time with the title “divorced.”

Was I broken, I wondered?  Sure I am not perfect, but I am not broken either, but I do feel alone at times.  Single Creek is a wonderful film that shows those of us who are in a life of “singlehood” that we are not alone.    Not only are there other singles out there in a similar situation as you are in, but most importantly God is by your side.  As one women at the end of the movie mentioned –  God adores you.  Once you accept that, regardless of why you are single you will know you are not alone.

Christ has a reason for all things and only HE knows what that reason is, but it is nice to see a movie like Single Creek to get an earthly perspective on being single.

Oh, and if you are married, it is a good watch for you too.  You were once single and chances are you know someone who is single.  So, go ahead and check out Single Creek, you can watch it online for just $8.95, it is well worth 45-minutes of your day.