The Husband A Woman Needs

Have you ever said to your wife, “I will never be the man you need”?  Maybe you haven’t said those words outloud but you thought them.

Some of you reading this right now may have left your wife thinking you would never be the man she needed. Or be able to live up to her expectations.

When it comes to this earth you are correct.  No one is perfect and there is no way any one can meet all the needs of another individual.

What a woman needs is a man who loves Jesus Christ first.  Follows Jesus Christ and His commandments and is true to HIM in his heart.  After that a woman wants to know that her husband loves her.  That he is honest and transparent with her and is faithful.

The only way a man can do this is through Jesus Christ.  No man can do it alone.  At the same token, no woman can be the wife a man needs without that same foundation in Christ.

Take a look at yourself, the relationship you have with your wife, children, friends.  Take a look at yourself.  If you find that your relationships seem to be lacking, or are in conflict, instead of trying to make the other person change, ask Christ to make a change in you first.  Take one of the biggest risks of your life and be honest with yourself.  Look inside instead and get to know yourself before you put the finger at others.

Once you see yourself through the eyes of Christ and accept Him in your life you will be able to ask HIM for help with your earthly relationships and become the man and husband that your wife needs.

Until you become the right man in Christ you will never find the perfect woman you are looking for.

Are  you striving to become the husband your wife needs?