Thoughts About “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” Video

This last week a video titled “Why I Hate religion, But Love Jesus” went viral on YouTube.  At the time of this writing it had  11,514,233 views.  Not only did the video go viral but it caused many video replies both in agreement as well as disagreement.


We each have our own opinions when it comes to religion. We have our own type of relationship with Jesus and we each are at different levels when it comes to learning and knowing the Bible.

The one great thing that has come out of this video whether you agree or disagree with it is the fact that it is getting people to think about both religion and relationship with Jesus.  How many days go by when you don’t share either your beliefs or relationship with Jesus with someone?  If this video causes you to do just that, then in my opinion it is a good thing.

I have seen how some people put on a facade when they are at church.  They dress up, carry a Bible and attend weekly but that is the extent of their religion based on their actions the other six days of the week.  In addition I have personally known individuals who can quote the Bible regardless of the situation, they know the rules and doctrines of their religion like the back of their hand and yet they have walked out on their spouse, are cheating on their spouse and/or are verbally, physically and/or emotionally abusive to their family, or do other things that would be considered against their religion or is not in agreement with the very Biblical teaching they teach.

Some think that you are a Christian if you know the Bible.  Others think you are a good Christian if you attend church regularly. Personally I think if you have relationship with Jesus Christ then you will want to get to know Him better by reading His Word.   I also think if you read His Word you will build relationship with Him, if that is where your heart is.  I also think that you can get closer to Jesus while fellow-shipping with other like-minded people which may be at church but it doesn’t have to be.

With that said, I don’t believe the corporate organization of an official religion is what defines your relationship with Christ.   I have known pastors of religions/churches whose actions did not appear as though they had a relationship with Jesus instead they used the pulpit to hide behind.  This is why you should insure you worship and follow Jesus and not a church or pastor.

At the end of the day this conversation is good in that it is happening and I pray that it will cause many to ask Jesus to come into their heart.  Build a relationship with Christ and know that:

“Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you” Matthew 18:20 CEV

That doesn’t mean at church or in a building that represents a religion, it could be a home in a living room with family or outside the office on a picnic table with friends and co-workers.  One thing I know for sure, Jesus is there wherever you are all the time waiting for you to reach out to HIM.