Tomorrow Never Comes

There is just one more week in this year.  This is a great week to take an inventory of your personal life.

I know you have friends who have set New Year resolutions; maybe you have even set one or two yourself.  Wikipedia defines a New Years resolution as “a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.”

Look back on this last year and ask yourself if you met those resolutions or goals you set for yourself.    It you are like me there are probably some goals you have met successfully.  Chances are there has been a time or two that you have said “I will start that goal tomorrow” and like me you probably know that tomorrow never comes and there is a goal or two you missed.  Hopefully the missed goal was replaced by a new goal or project that was met.

Either way, take an inventory of yourself and determine why you didn’t meet a goal.  Be specific and honest with yourself.  Understanding why you didn’t meet a goal is a good way to readjust your planning  so you can meet your goals next year.

Speaking of next year, after you review this past year; take some time to set specific goals for next year.  Don’t be broad by saying “I want to lose weight”.  Be specific and set the goal similar to this “I will lost one  pound a week to reach my goal of 20 pounds of weight loss by March 30”  A goal like that takes out our natural desire to procrastinate.  It takes away the excuse of “I will start tomorrow” and helps us look at today as the day to start.  Sure the weight loss example was just that, an example.  What ever the goal, set it with specifics.

To help meet that goal, write it down on several 3 x 5 cards and place them in several areas of your house.  On the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the visor in your car, your desk at work.  This will give you positive reminder and reinforcement of the goal.

Tell someone close to you what your goal is and ask them to be your accountability partner…maybe even be their accountability partner as well to help them with a goal.  When we tell someone else about a goal we set it makes it real and who wants to explain to someone else why you didn’t accomplish something…an accountability partner add a little more incentive to attain your goal.

There may even be times when hiring a coach who specializes in the area of the goal you have set is an excellent option to meet that goal.  Athletes do this all the time.  Business owners hire coaches as well.  Chances are those who consistently meet the goals they set for themselves have done so with the help of a coach.

Remember when it comes to goals and resolutions, tomorrow never comes and today is always here.  Be successful, start today.