Watching Vlogs Like The Shaytards?

vlogA Vlog, video blog defined by Urban Dictionary as “A journalistic video documentation on the web of a person’s life, thoughts, opinions and interests”

YouTube has give just about everyone a video voice. A way to express who you are and what you do on a daily basis, it is also a great avenue to share informational and how-to training type videos. Some people and families have become famous and very popular by sharing on YouTube.


One such family is the Shaytards, they do daily vlog about the day-to-day activities of their family of six as well as their extended family and friends. They are a normal family, okay, maybe larger than some families and maybe they have a higher income base than most, but as far a people….they are just like you and me.

With that said, if they are just regular people like you and me, why do they have, as of this writing, over three million subscribers and 1.5 billion video views?  What is drawing people to watch them? It isn’t just them either, there are other popular family and individual vloggers as well, maybe not as popular as Shaytards, but still, vloggers like The Jade and John Show, who are a couple over the road trucker team with over 17k subscribers and 2.6 million views, Trucker Josh, who is a single over the road trucker with over 41k subscribers and 7.6 million views or The Plus Side Of Things who is a guy that vlogs about his little girl and wife, just a regular family. These are just four examples of the millions of vloggers on YouTube, with The Shaytards being the most popular and The Plus Side Of Things with just over 1700 subscribers and just over 300k video views.

Why Watch A Vlog

Regardless of the number of subscribers or video views, it is clear that people like watching vlogs of others lives, family movies if you will…but why? In my humble opinion, I think there are a few reasons.


Let’s face it, TV now days is terrible, there are very few shows on TV worth watching. YouTube and vlogs offer entertainment you can pick they type of vlog you want to watch and what time you want to watch it.

Loneliness or Unhappy

The main reason I believe people watch vlogs is because they are lonely an/or unhappy in their life or family situation. Let’s face it, the family unit is broken. Forty to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. That not only causes unhappiness to an individual but also loneliness as well. It also breaks up the family unit, kids are separated from one of their birth parents, Mom marries another man, Dad marries another woman, then the kidsfrom the step parent are in the mix. Kids and adults alike are starving for something real and normal that it is what is making vlogs from people like Shaytards take off in popularity, because they are normal, they are a whole family unit. A family that quite obviously loves each other and participates with each other as a family unit by eating meals together, going to family events together sporting events, working out, and more.

Reason Why

So the reason why the Shaytard and vlogs like them are popular is because they are showing real life of someone else’s life. They are showing us through video a life that many people don’t have, but wish they did.

These vlogs are sharing the things most people yearn for. Oh sure, the lives of Shaytards and other vloggers are not perfect, they have problems too, but it is different when you have problems in a solid supportive family unit vs by yourself or in a broken family unit.

Some vlogs may not even be about family, they may be about a job, for example, watching trucker vlogs like the Jade and John show or TruckerJosh shares with some of us the freedom we wish we could have.  Many of us are trapped in an office day in and day out, but watching the vlog of a trucker shows not only freedom but views of the country that many of us would never see.

It could be we watch because we lack good quality friendships and we feel we have gotten to know the people in the vlogs, that they have become your friends, friends you long to have in your own life.

The reason we watch the vlogs of other peoples lives is because it is giving us something we are missing in our own lives. We are living vicariously if you will, through their lives.


If you watch a vlogs on a regular basis, regardless if it is Shaytards, or some other vlog, ask yourself why you watch it and if it is because you envy the life they have or feel that you have gotten to know those people and that they are your friends, I challenge you to attempt to create in your life what they have in theirs. That may mean you need to build new friendships, seek out a new job, or maybe even have some difficult but good conversations with your family and come up with ways to build up your family to be stronger and closer together.

There is nothing wrong with watching vlogs on a regular basis, I admit I do it and I also admit that I watch for some of the reasons mentioned here. I also admit that I am taking my own challenge. Changing relationships in my life, improving relationships and more. I will still watch vlogs on YouTube, after all, I also watch them for entertainment, and that is okay.

Making YouTube video vlogs is not easy, and I totally respect and appreciate everyone who does make them.  If you have never tried to make a vlog, give it a shot, what the vloggers make look easy it not. The video taping isn’t easy as it looks nor is the editing. So if you do watch, be sure to give some positive feedback to your favorite vloggers, let them know you appreciate them.  I sure do.