Whose Standard?

Yesterday I heard a wonderful little snippet from Kay Arthur of “Precepts Of Life” her reference was:

Proverbs 17:24

“A discerning person keeps wisdom in view,  but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.” CEV

The above text can be interrupted like this; a smart man will keep his eyes on God and God’s word in his heart.  A foolish man is unable to focus his thoughts and can not pursue anything with consistency.

What standard do you see the people around you following?  Even those who profess to be “Christians” what standard have you witness them following?  As a Christian what standard do your friends, family and co-workers see you following?

This society has led us to believe that it is okay to walk out on your husband or wife.  It is okay to talk smack about your spouse.  It is okay to lie and cheat.  It is okay look at pornography.  It is okay to take the Lords name in vein.  Society’s standards lead us to believe that if it feels good and/or you want to do it, then do it.

Do you want to live by society’s standards or Gods standards?  By doing what  is against God’s standards, going against the the Bible are you rebelling against God?

So I ask you, by whose standard do you live by?   If you are telling people you are a Christian do your actions reflect that to others?  Do they reflect the standards of the Bible?  Sure no one is perfect.  In a broken world it is impossible not to make mistakes.  I make mistakes every day.  But living with Christ in your heart it is easier to acknowledge those mistakes, ask God and those you hurt for forgiveness, learn from the mistakes and work toward improving your actions.

It’s your choice….whose standards are you living by?